Welcome to Vista 2016

VISTA (Volvo International Service Training Award) is a biannual customer service training competition arranged by Volvo Car Corporation, the biggest and most comprehensive of its kind.

For close to 40 years, VISTA has motivated Volvo service technicians from all over the world to excel in their profession. Today more than ever, VISTA continues to focus on customer satisfaction and workshop efficiency.

With competition on the increase, it's people who make the difference.

Latest News

2016-03-07 VISTA 2016 Round 3 is closed

Round 3 has now been closed and the markets are preparing for the local market finals with both practical and theoretical challenges. The best team(s) from the market final will participate in VISTA 2016 Winners Conference, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The best team from each market will get an exciting challenge during the conference in order to be VISTA 2016 World Champion.

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2016-01-25 Last round ongoing before market finals

We have now coming a bit into Round 3. This round is the last round before you might qualify for attending the market final. After the market final you will know if you made it the whole way to VISTA 2016 Winners Conference. That will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden during the period of June 12 (arrival day) until June 18 (departure day). For the first time the best team from each country will compete against each other in practical sessions and theoretical questions. This in order to nominate the VISTA 2016 World Champion.

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2015-12-23 Round 2 has ended.

We have now ended Round 2 in VISTA 2016. We are now preparing for Round 3 that will start earliest on January 11, 2016. Your market leader will inform you about when it will start in your market.

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